Ideal Protein Weight Loss Testimonial

According to our records from June, the 20 dieters on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss program have lost a total of 457 pounds! In Mr. Fleming’s bout with the program (after 3 months in the process), he has lost 32 pounds and experienced numerous additional benefits including a dip in his cholesterol and body fat percentage, as well as a spike in some vitamin and mineral intake. “I’ve lost 32 pounds, but I’m not worried about the poundage,” Fleming said. “The body fat percentage has come down. I think I was somewhere around 44 [percent], now I’m at 38 body fat percentage. “I also just had a blood test done where my blood glucose levels were always high. I was at 105; I just came in at 83. My cholesterol was about 197; I came in at 153.” Ideal Protein offers a structured, convenient way to lose weight and improve your overall lifestyle, while ensuring that your body is consuming the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs.

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