How delayed auto accident injuries can be just as life-changing

People understand that a car accident has the potential to be physically taxing and life-changing. After all, car accidents can affect any part of the body depending on the circumstance and severity of the crash. But as some do not know or realize, any accident can have its life-changing effect weeks, months, or even years after it happens.

Say, for instance, you got into a car accident where you experience whiplash. The ligaments in your vertebrate – the tissue that keep the spine stable – may have lost strength. And while it seems to not be a problem immediately following the ordeal, the ligaments may be stretched or torn to the point where they can no longer effectively stabilize the spine. Weakened ligaments have the potential to result in chronic pain and even disability. STATISTIC TO REMEMBER:

When considering and evaluating your condition following an automobile accident, REMEMBER: 87% of people involved in a car accident will develop chronic injuries 5-10 years following their initial accident! Visit our website to learn more about Chiropractic Nutrition Center’s approach to recovery, and consider scheduling a consultation!

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