Detoxification is a process where the harmful substances, chemicals, and other stressors found in the body are removed from the system. These toxins are accumulated over time from the food that we eat, the physical activities that we do, and from our lifestyle choices. Normally, the body is able to compensate using its own coping mechanisms, which are spearheaded by the liver. The liver functions to remove toxins from the body in order to maintain a healthy system and, in general, homeostasis (a balance between all systems). The liver produces bile, which serves as the vehicle to get rid of the harmful toxins in the body. As a result, the body cells and systems are rejuvenated, and the person feels better inside and out.

Chiropractic practice utilizes methods which would be able to restore function and/or health of certain systems, functions, or organs through the integrative manipulation of other parts of the body. This can be achieved through the methods used (as mentioned earlier – exercise, massage, ion balancing, diet, etc.) as naturally as possible.


Chiropractic methods affect the body through manipulation of its soft tissues. In the case of detoxification, the soft tissues are manipulated to naturally increase the bile flow throughout the body, initiating natural detoxification. This then restores how the cells of the body function optimally, leaving the body rejuvenated. The blockages caused by the toxins are removed, and everything returns to normal.

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