Detoxification Tests

As part of our commitment to your overall long-term health, we use the following tests and procedures to help us determine the best treatment plan for you in order to serve you as best we can.


Metabolic Testing

Metabolic testing measures the calories used to maintain basic life functions such as circulatory, respiratory and brain function. RMR typically accounts for 60-75% of total energy used in a healthy person.

Body Fat Analysis

The body fat analysis is done in conjunction with the metabolic testing, delivering measurement results for Bi method (Bioelectrical Impedance Method) and BMI (Body Mass Index).


Posture and Biomechanical Analysis

Since all information passes into the body from the brain via the nervous system, it is imperative to optimize this physical connection so that it functions at its full potential, allowing the body to detoxify quicker while boosting your mental and physical energy.

The posture and biomechanical analysis starts with a record of your weight, height and blood pressure and is followed by several range of motion tests, a posture and spinal analysis by the doctor and x-rays if necessary. *Radiology reading fee not included


Thyroid function Questionnaire and Testing

The questionnaire and the test use information concerning patient family history and any known symptoms of low thyroid function. These symptoms include low energy, fatigue, weight gain, cold hands and feet, depression, slowness of thought, headaches, facial swelling, fluid retention, dry skin, brittle nails, constipation, irregular menstrual cycles, and fertility problems.

Because thyroid blood tests may be normal even though there is low thyroid, a simple basal body temperature test will be used to help diagnose a low thyroid problem. An optimal thyroid is important for proper functioning of the metabolism, the heart and blood pressure.


Lifestyle Questionnaire

We administer a lifestyle questionnaire to determine current diet and exercise habits, stress measurement, mental ability to focus or loss of memory, as well as family history and any current or previous health conditions, accidents or traumas.

For example, take a look at some of our YouTube videos to see what Dr. Baric recommends to reduce inflammation and maintain intestinal and bone health.


Nutrition and Nutraceutical Supplement

These programs are given at the end of all testing and evaluations. Each person receives an individual recommendation for total body detoxification and vitamin or nutraceutical supplements. A plan for biomechanical correction is also be given at this time.


Ionic Foot Detoxification

A foot detox is needed to help eradicate unhealthy toxins, heavy metals and dangerous free radicals from the body through the feet into the warm water of on Ionic foot bath.

This 18-23 minute detoxification process creates a positive cellular environment and enables the body’s natural detoxification processes to function at its peak.

Many patients report improvements in memory, energy, sleep and sex drive while experiencing decreased amounts of inflammation, fatigue, allergies and joint pain.

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